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First signed in 2004, New Jersey Transit was Titan’s first transit authority partnership. As the nations largest, statewide, public transportation system, NJT links major points in New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia and serves 162 rail stations, 60 light rail stations, and 20,000 bus stops, generating nearly 267 million commuter trips each year.

Through our additional partnerships with the Port Authority Transit Corporation (PATCO) and Coach USA, our media is able to generate over 94 million impressions each month on Titan buses alone.

With over 235 Digital Displays throughout the market, NJT has become a dominant player in the world of digital advertising. With access to such innovative and state-of-the-art media formats, advertisers are now able to gain awareness from the tech-savvy audience at some of the largest and most prestigious transit stations in the state.


Key Station Information

  • NY Penn Station: located directly below Madison Square Garden with a 4-week circulation of 6,446,484.
  • Hoboken Terminal: main transfer point for over 100,000 commuters daily; monthly circulation of 2,649,060.
  • Secaucus Junction Station: services over 37,000 commuters daily; monthly circulation of 906,786.
  • Trenton Station: several Northeast Corridor lines begin or end here; monthly circulation of 346,057.
  • Metropark Station: largest station along Northeast Corridor Line; monthly circulation of 466,022.

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